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Body-in-barrel suspect ‘gave teen drugs’

A friend of the body-in-barrel victim Larissa Beilby has told a Brisbane court about hotel room sex and drug-taking with the teen and her accused murderer.

November 27, 2019

A family friend of the body-in-barrel victim has recalled nights of hotel room sex and drug-taking with the teen and her accused murderer to a Queensland court.

Larissa Beilby’s battered body was found rotting inside a barrel on the back of a ute abandoned at a residential complex on the Gold Coast on June 28 last year.

On Wednesday, Rachelle Pilon, 24, gave evidence in Beenleigh Magistrates Court about two nights she spent with the 16-year-old and her alleged killer Zlatko Sikorsky.

Sikorsky is accused of murdering and torturing the teen on June 23, with one witness saying he wanted to “knock’ her because she knew too much.

“We smoked ice, pure and drank some Fantasy,” Ms Pilon said.

“There were sexual acts that obviously went on, you know, when we both, um, obviously I was on Fantasy so blacking in and out.”

Ms Pilon didn’t allege Sikorsky had sex with the teen but did say he liberally dished out drugs on both nights the trio spent together.

“He did me up a dose (of Fantasy) and it was like way more than had originally the night before … it looked a lot more and stronger,” she said.

“Within seconds of having it I just remember he was walking around, Larissa was on the couch, um I tripped over something, I stood near his jacket and he pushed me away from it because, you know, there was guns in there, and that’s it I blacked out.”

Asked by defence lawyer Tim Ryan why she had taken the drugs, Ms Pilon said she felt intimidated by Sikorsky following an earlier incident when she had attempted to caution him about his relationship with the teen and he had reacted adversely.

Earlier, Sikorsky’s former housemate, Scott Thompson, gave evidence during a committal hearing about the hours leading up to Larissa’s death.

He said after hearing a scream in the backyard of their Buccan home, Sikorsky told him it was Larissa and she was “not in a good way”.

“I could hear noises from (his) car … then we had a conversation with him saying something about ‘that chick is (going) insane’,” he said.

“He said ‘her face was in a bad way and it was getting infected and she was rubbing shit all over her face and she’s a bit crazy’.”

“I knew he’d punched her in the face,” he told the court.

“I said ‘just drop her to hospital’ (but) he was saying he wanted to knock her.”

“He said ‘no, she knows too much’,” he added.

Mr Thompson said he didn’t go to investigate because he was afraid of Sikorsky, who was allegedly high on drugs and carrying a gun.

The hearing continues.

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