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Aussie households gloomy about the future

Rising living costs, low wages growth and fear of interest rates increasing is pushing stress levels up, a survey of 1500 Australian homes has found. July 31, 2017 Stress levels in Australian homes is growing due to the rising cost of everyday items, stagnant income growth and fear home loan rates may soon be on […]

ASX expected to start the week higher

Australian stocks are likely to open higher on Monday following Friday’s plunge of 1.4 per cent that was sparked by concerns about the US economy. July 30, 2017 The Australian share market is expected to start the week higher, bouncing back from Friday’s 1.4 per cent plunge on the back of concerns about the US […]

Checkup Medical column for July 28

Tai Chi may help significantly reduce the risk of falls in older people, and a genetic link to heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes has been found. July 28, 2017 A weekly round-up of news affecting your health. FITNESS TRACKERS Fitness trackers can vary in accuracy depending on where they’re worn and how […]

Cocaine use higher but ice is the problem

Cocaine use is on the rise while ice and alcohol consumption have dropped the second report of the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program has found. July 27, 2017 Ice remains Australia’s most popular illegal drug although its use has dropped along with alcohol, the latest study of nation’s wastewater has found. However ice, also called […]

New dinosaur bones confirm species

Researchers have confirmed the Australian dinosaur, Austrosaurus mckillopi, is a distinct species. July 27, 2017 Analysis of 100 million-year-old dinosaur bones from a sheep farm in central Queensland has confirmed the Australian dinosaur, Austrosaurus mckillopi, to be a distinct species. The new research, published in the Alcheringa journal of palaeontology, puts to bed speculation about the […]

Sickies and poor sleep linked: study

One in four Australians are taking one day off a month because they’ve had a bad night’s sleep, researchers say. July 25, 2017 Poor sleep and sick days are cosy bedfellows with more than one in four Australians taking a day off a month because they’re too tired, researchers say. The study of 551 working […]

One dead, two rescued in big NSW seas

One man has drowned and two have been rescued as big seas pound the east coast of Australia. July 23, 2017 A rock fisherman has drowned and another two men have been rescued from their overturned boat as dangerous conditions continue to pound Australia’s east coast. The bureau of meteorology has issued strong wind warnings […]

Soft opening for the ASX on Monday

Weak US and European markets coupled with a drop in oil will drive the ASX lower on Monday. July 23, 2017 The Australian stock market is expected to fall around 25 points or 0.4 of a per cent when it opens on Monday due a decline in the oil price and weakness in the European […]

Qantas – business as usual at Manila

Qantas is following a decade-old government policy on restricting duty-free liquids allowed on its flights bound for Australia.  July 23, 2017 Qantas says it follows government advice on security for its international flights, including restricting alcohol, perfumes and other liquids bought at airport duty-free shops in line with Australian government policy. An airline spokesman would […]

Checkup Medical column for July 21

GPs are being urged to use new direct anti-viral drugs to treat hepatitis C virus infections amid fears of a pending epidemic of liver failure and cancer. July 21, 2017 A weekly round-up of news affecting your health. STROKES AND CHILDREN Children who suffer a stroke require individualised care over a much longer period than […]

Super-superbugs on the rise

Australia has a new detection system in its fight against unstoppable bacteria known as super-superbugs. July 19, 2017 More than a thousand cases of unstoppable “super-superbug” bacteria have been found in Australia in the past year, with experts warning more are on the way. In its first year of operation, Australia’s national superbug alert system […]

Female legal eagles on the rise

Women lawyers in Australia outnumber men for the first time, but more needs be done to encourage women into leadership, says the Law Society of NSW. July 19, 2017 Female lawyers in Australia now outnumber men for the first time, with women joining the profession at twice the rate of men in the past two […]

Tax office cracks down on clothing claims

Australian workers making claims for work-related clothing expenses are in the sights of the tax office. July 19, 2017 The tax office doesn’t want the shirt off your back and it doesn’t want you to claim it either. The ATO has announced a crackdown on work-related clothing deductions after a 20 per cent rise in […]

My sister is dying: Samuel Johnson

Connie Johnson’s brother, Gold Logie winning actor Samuel Johnson, says his sister is now in palliative care and is ‘actively dying’. July 18, 2017 Gold Logie winning actor Samuel Johnson says his sister Connie is in palliative care and is “actively dying”. The sad news was posted on his Love Your Sister cancer fundraising Facebook […]

Rescued men glad to be back on land

Four friends winched to safety after a night in the ocean off north Queensland are bruised, tired and very glad to be home. July 16, 2017 Four men who spent a blustery night sheltering in a dinghy in waters off remote north Queensland after it struck a reef and overturned were about to give up […]

Wall Street rally pushes Australian shares

Wall Street’s continued rally will see the Australian Stock Exchange open up by 14 points on Monday. July 16, 2017 The Australian share market is tipped for a positive start on Monday following a 14 point gain by the ASX 200 Futures Index overnight. AMP Capital’s chief economist Shane Oliver said the gain followed Friday’s […]

Checkup Medical column for July 14

Everyday plastics found in food packaging have been linked to common disease in men, an Australian study has found. July 14, 2017 A weekly round-up of news affecting your health. CHRONIC DISEASE AND PLASTICS Cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure in men have been linked to chemicals found in common plastics, Australian researchers […]

More work from home means more happiness

Just a quarter of Australian employees are offered work from home options despite the gains to productivity and job satisfaction it brings. July 13, 2017 Work from home options should be standard rather than a perk because it can offer a win-win for both workers and bosses. Workplace psychologist George Mylonas says remote work improves […]

Asthma warning after hospitalisation spike

Australians with asthma are being warned to act as the winter cold and flu season kicks in. July 12, 2017 Four hundred Australians are dying and up to 40 000 more are hospitalised each year due to asthma, says the National Asthma Council of Australia. The statistics are shocking but according to CEO Kristine Whorlow […]

Ban commissions for loan brokers: Choice

Commissions paid to mortgage brokers by home lenders should be banned, consumer watchdog Choice says. July 12, 2017 Home hunters are being ripped off because mortgage brokers aren’t required to sell clients the loan that’s best for them, consumer group Choice says. The watchdog believes many of the problems stem from commissions paid to brokers […]

Australian wines the best in Chile

Taylors Wines have beaten out the best wineries from South America to win two Gold and Silver medals at Latin America’s most important wine competition. July 11, 2017 Australian wine makers have done it again. Taylors Wines from South Australia’s Clare Valley have picked up two Great Gold medals and two Silver medals at the […]

How the Tesla batteries will power SA

Facts about the array of lithium-ion Tesla batteries to be installed in SA. July 10, 2017 South Australia will soon be home to an array of lithium ion batteries from Tesla, which says the energy storage project is not only sustainable, but will help solve power shortages, reduce intermittencies and manage the state’s summertime peak load. […]

Elon Musk – who is he?

American inventor and engineer Elon Musk looks set to solve South Australia’s energy woes, but who is he? July 10, 2017 American billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to change the Australian power generation market. Who is he? * Elon Musk was born on 28 June, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. * He has been married […]

Fires, terror attacks dominate UK’s year

A large blaze that’s engulfed London’s historic Camden Market is the latest blow in a tough year for the world’s financial capital. July 10, 2017 A building in London’s historic Camden Market went up in flames overnight becoming the latest disaster to strike a city and a country already rattled by four terror attacks and […]

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